Experts Guide to Purchase and Use Wild Flower Seeds in Bulk


Wild flowers add color, texture, and diversity to any garden or landscape. Our expert guide below provides detailed insights into purchasing and using wild flower seeds in bulk.

Understanding Wild Flower Seeds

Wild flower seeds, as the name implies, are seeds obtained from wildflowers. Unlike cultivated garden flower seeds, wild flower seeds are harvested from plants grown naturally in the wild, devoid of human intervention.

Why Buy Wild Flower Seeds in Bulk?

There are numerous advantages to purchasing wild flower seeds in bulk:

  1. Economic: When bought in large quantities, seed prices per unit tend to be significantly lower.
  2. Variety: Packs often contain seeds from multiple species, allowing for a diverse and vibrant garden.
  3. Longevity: Seeds can stay viable for many years, provided they are properly stored.

Where to Purchase Wild Flower Seeds in Bulk?

Numerous suppliers sell wild flower seeds in bulk. It’s crucial to choose a reliable source to ensure seed quality. Look out for organic certification, and consider the supplier’s knowledge and dedication to sustainability.

Storing Wild Flower Seeds

Proper storage ensures the preservation of the seeds’ viability.

  • Environment: Seeds need a cool, dark, and dry place, away from any form of moisture.
  • Packaging: They should be stored in airtight containers to prevent exposure to excess humidity.
  • Pest Control: Regular inspection can help detect any pest infestations at an early stage.

Growing Wild Flowers from Seeds

Growing wild flowers from seeds isn’t as complex as it might seem:

  • Site Preparation: The first step is to prepare the planting area by removing any existing vegetation or weeds.
  • Seed Sowing: Scatter seeds evenly over the soil surface. You can mix them with sand to ensure even distribution.
  • Aftercare: Water the newly sown seeds regularly until the plants are well established.

Bulk Wild Flower Seed Mixes: Which One to Choose?

There are several wild flower seed mixes available on the market:

  1. General Mix: These come with a variety of different species and are ideal for novice gardeners.
  2. Bee and Butterfly Mix: These variants attract pollinators, enhancing biodiversity.
  3. Meadow Mix: Meadow mixes replicate the look and feel of a natural grassland field, providing a rustic charm to your garden.

Tips for maintaining Wild Flowers

Unlike regular garden flowers, wild flowers do not require much maintenance:

  • Watering: Natural rainfall is usually enough, but during dry periods, additional watering may be necessary.
  • Fertilizing: Wildflowers often thrive in nutrient poor soils, so fertilizing is not usually required.
  • Deadheading: This can prolong the flowering season and prevent self-seeding.
  • Autumn Cut Back: Regular cutting back in autumn helps maintain the meadow effect.


Wild flower seeds in bulk offer a cost-effective and simple way to introduce a wide variety of colors and textures into your garden. Armed with the detailed guide above, your journey into the world of wildflowers promises to be a fulfilling and colorful one!

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