When we try to pick out anything by itself,
we find it hitched to everything else in the universe. - John Muir
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Welcome to Ospreyworld. This site is devoted to ospreys, the magnificent raptors that dive into water for fish. It is meant to be both an introduction for beginners, and a place for osprey followers to learn more and exchange ideas. My hope is that it can also be a gathering place for all members, new and old, of the growing osprey tribe.

Osprey News cover of Soaring with Fidel

Soaring with Fidel is out!
by ospreyworld, April 2007
David Gessner's new book, Soaring with Fidel, is now in bookstores..."Gessner writes beautifully, with grace and humor"
(Publisher's Weekly)

This Famed Bird
by Alan Poole, January 2007
"Looking through a scientific lens, an astonishing amount of research has been focused on this bird in recent years. A quick Internet search shows me >150 papers on Ospreys just since 2000, with work from 6 of the 7 continents.  So trying to summarize the “State of the Union” for global Ospreys in 2007 is a daunting task. There do seem to be some trends and highlights worth noting, however."

cartoon by David GessnerMy Osprey Obsession
by David Gessner, January 2007
"About decade ago I fell hard for ospreys. I’m not sure exactly why these birds so captured my imagination, but they did. Since then they have consistently taken me to places I never expected to go....

Of Red Sox and Ospreys
by David Gessner, April 2007
AP photoI ’m sure I wasn’t the only New Englander who reacted with dismay to the recent news photo of a pair of ospreys building a nest on the lights above the Yankees spring training stadium in Tampa. Ospreys are large black and white birds, known for their daring high dives for fish, and each year, around spring training, they migrate north from the tropics to New England just around the time our ballplayers migrate south...

Osprey Videos by Birdfilms.com
by Michael Male and Judy Fieth, January 2007
photo by Michael Male and Judy FiethMichael Male and Judy Fieth have been making natural history films together since 1980. They have won numerous awards for their documentary films on warblers, waders, and sparrows, which have appeared on National Geographic, HBO, and PBS's NOVA and Nature. The American Birding Association called their worked on warblers, "The best video we have observed on any one group of birds, and absolutely unparalleled on the group of eastern North American wood warblers."
photo courtesy of Alan PooleThe Dive
by David Gessner, January 2007
"Ospreys are the only raptors that dive fully into the water to catch their prey. Try to imagine the physical sensation. To skim across the sky, above the ocean, peering down with eyes that can see into the shallows from forty, sixty, even a hundred feet up..."

Osprey Conanicus Expected to Return to Island
by Sam Bari, March 2007
"He also mentioned that David Gessner, author of "The Return of the Osprey," a must read for ospreyphilles, and the soon to be released "Soaring With Fidel", has put together a great Web site devoted to ospreys, http://www. ospreyworld.com . He said that the site offers lots of fascinating info on ospreys, including a guest essay by Alan Poole on the state of ospreys around the world and the latest research into their biology. 'I'll write the next guest essay on migration,' Bierregaard said."









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